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magination, dreams, and excitement are basic elements of a little girls playtime. Any girl who has their own Barbie will want to have their own 3 story Barbie dream house. We would like to share some information about these Barbie houses, as many people will soon be beginning their holiday shopping. While these houses can be more expensive than you would like, the price should not affect your decision to purchase one for your little girl. A Barbie 3 story dream house will mean that your daughter will have plenty of room to organize her Barbie collection. These big dream houses not only give you little girl a way to have plenty of fun, but they also allow her to show off her talents in creativity, color coordination, and interior design.

The first review we found comes from a mother who just fell in love with this toy. Apparently she bought it for her beautiful little girl. Out of all the doll houses that she's bought in the past this is her daughters favorite. Some of her favorite features include the working lights and sounds. You would be surprised exactly how much people just love the intricate details. On top of that this mommy even joins in with her daughters play time. Apparently they have a blast playing games together. We think it's sweet that an adult would take time out of her day to play with her daughter in that way.

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