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If you're a fan of Barbie, you likely have or had a collection of these toys - I know I did. I spent many happy hours playing with Barbie, Ken and Skipper and the many accessories which included the 3 Story Barbie Dream House. Back in my day, the house was a multitude of colors with the most dominant color being bright pink. It was 3 floors and included an elevator that worked with a pulley and crank mechanism. The updated version is really not all that different. It's got more pink than the original and includes more detail such as lights and sound on every floor as well as various furniture pieces. This toy makes playing with Barbie so much more fun. With all the different gadgets including a flat screen television and fireplace, your child and her friends can spend many hours role playing and using their imagination. It's furnished with a sofa, bed and a hot tub, table and chairs as well as a fridge, dishwasher and stove. The bathroom has a shower stall where you can hear Barbie humming a tune when enters the shower. The toilet even makes a flushing sound. Other sounds include the doorbell and a crackling fireplace.

The one drawback like I said is the price, and many people who would want to get their little girls a Barbie dream house cant. With that said, that doesn't mean that the girls without the house don't enjoy their Barbie to the fullest. They do, and in the process they explore their creative and artistic side.

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